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Not looking to start a debate. Just want to learn more about the field and am looking for some websites with high quality, informative content.

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I'm voting to close this because it's too broad and opinion-based. The moderators have previously closed threads asking what's the best quantitative finance conferences - a considerably more specific question, so a fortiori, this question would be too broad if our moderators are fair. – madilyn Feb 23 '14 at 1:45
but the question was helpful all the same ;) Perhaps if he chaged the title to "Quality websites dealing with quant finance" or just "Websites providing discussion and information on quant finance". I don't think it should be close just renamed. – Probilitator Feb 23 '14 at 6:55
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It depends the kind of information you look for.

Questions and answer. This web site is really the best I know on quant finance. You can browse "tags" and go the the associated wiki pages to have summarized information.

Generic knowledge. It depends on what area on finance you are interested in. Frankly I would recommend the web sites of market authorities, they often publish reports and policy papers. The website of the Louis Bachelier Institute (in French only) is nice too, and more systematically quant oriented.

But the best is to read books, for instance a mix of very classical ones and more recent ones.

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Besides this site which in my opinion has a huge adventage on how the questions and answers are presented, two major players come to mind.

I would say QuantNet is more on the educational and job-search side. You will find a lot of resources with respect to interview question and acedemic master programms.

Wilmott is has lots of everything. You could check out some of the blogs here for example. Also to my knowledge many quants have their personal websites where they share their research and perspektives.

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Agree, a little broad topic. There are sites that use quant to pick stocks. fotatah.com is an example of site.

It all depends on your goals (academic, trading, etc.)

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could you name some more ? - for both academia and trading :) – Probilitator Feb 24 '14 at 8:25

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