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I'm interested to know if there is a trustworthy ranking of master's degree in quantitative finance.

I'm specifically interested in some recruiter's perspective or experience, if available.

I ask because I would like to join next year the master's degree in quantitative finance in ETH Zurich, so if you have any opinion on that specific university it would be great!

Thank you all in advance.

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Though I have not used them in regards to Master's Degree studies for myself. www.quantnet.com seems to have a pretty good site for such information. They also have a forum that is pretty active where you can ask questions you may have about quantitative studies as well as school rankings.

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I study in this program, and I did research last year on it: The ETH program is the best, and has no study fees. Other programs are also good, but the degree is then either not from a top university, or it costs tons of money. Comparable programs are MSc. Mathematical Finance at Oxford, or at Stanford.

As I study there, I can confirm that we do nothing much different than one would do at other universities though, only the exams are much tougher (70% failure rates) so going to a better university usually means to get a lower grade ;) :(

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thank you very much, emcor, for this reply! Great to hear it :) Do you have any link for that or is just personal experience? As an aside, can I also ask you how is the admission process? Do you have to take a test or just your academic transcript? –  Ant Aug 12 at 19:26
@Ant The application process is described on the website. I havent been to the other programs personally –  emcor Aug 12 at 22:19

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