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I hope this is the correct site for this question, as it is rather theoretical...

In their famous paper, Delbaen and Schachermayer proved that the No Free Lunch with Vanishing Risk condition is equivalent to the existence of the Equivalent Local Martingale Measure. Are there any stronger no-arbitrage type conditions that guarantee that this measure is a true martingale measure (i.e. that all discounted asset prices are true martingales as opposed to merely local ones)?

I would be grateful for (academic) references.

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(If I remember well,) the local nature of the equivalent measure in the NFLVR theory comes from the fact that the market $S$ is a locally bounded semi-martingale. If it is bounded, you obtain an equivalent martingale measure.

Should be in A general version of the fundamental theorem of asset pricing, by Freddy Delbaen and Walter Schachermayer (thanks to Richard's remark, your answer seem to be theorem 1.1 of the paper).

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You can take the paper from here taken from Prof.Schachermayer's homepage –  Richard Aug 18 '12 at 19:47

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