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Have been looking for ways to down load stock price data using Yahoo Finance on Chinese Stocks. Symbol that ends with .SS = stock listed in Shanghai, .zz = stock listed in Shenzhen

This link http://finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=000625.sz&f=snohgl1v returns

000625.SZ CHANGAN AUTOMOBIL 12.4 12.8 12.4 12.69 9787354

This link http://finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=600600.SS&f=snohgl1v returns

600600.SS 600600.SS N/A N/A N/A 0 N/A

I have done a few tests and and .SZ stocks return valid data but not for .SS stocks.

However using this link "table.finance.yahoo.com/table.csv?s=600600.SS" the data is clearly there.

Really confused as to why this is the case. Anyone has any ideas?

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