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Deferred Revenue arises when the contract between you and your customer requires the customer to pay in advance of your delivering your products or services. i.e. you've been paid, now you owe the customer the work! Accrued Expenses represent expenses for which you will be reimbursed in the future. i.e. you are or will be owed money.


You can pull Financial Statement (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows) data from Google Finance with the getFinancials function in the quantmod R package. > library(quantmod) > getFinancials('IBM') > head(viewFin(IBM.f, type = 'IS')) Annual Income Statement for IBM 2014-12-31 ...


Don't look at the structure as consisting of 3 parts (i.e. a forward plus a cap plus a floor) look at it as 2 options one bought with the Floor as Strike1 and one sold with the Cap as Strike2. That way the time value changes of bought and sold option should offset - which by the way they will already do right now even wit the forward since that does not have ...

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