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The stock was split into two share classes, the series that you might be looking for is under the ticker GOOGL.


As can be seen from this example from Yahoo!Finance this should not happen (click on "+ The adjusted close"): https://help.yahoo.com/kb/finance/SLN2311.html?impressions=true Another more complete example can be found here: http://luminouslogic.com/how-to-normalize-historical-data-for-splits-dividends-etc.htm So my explanation is that this is a glitch in ...


The line of thinking is theoretically correct and it is right if you assume that: no other event happened during the trading day or in recent periods (if, for instance, one has a stock split recently, you will take into account also that and so on for all corporate events); The dividend is a cash-dividend (in the case you will have a stock-dividend things ...

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