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There are some other opensource projects at github along with zipline which you can check for some additional inputs for your thoughts. Pyalgotrade is one such project where one can do back testing on their trading strategies http://gbeced.github.io/pyalgotrade/


Firstly, you'll probably be directed to consider Zipline. It's worth a look but I don't think that it's a good starting point, since: Quantopian's developers don't have a financial background and it shows through in the Zipline source code. Zipline is dreadfully slow if you compare it to any commercial platform with backtesting functionality in a compiled ...


There's a couple of options other than Google or Yahoo that I am aware of. The NSE provides EOD data, as well as 5,2 and 1 minute data. If you're willing to pay for high quality data for your application, this is an excellent choice. http://www.nseindia.com/supra_global/content/dotex/data_products.htm Quandl provides comparatively clean, free EOD data ...


Per its help-page yahoo provides adjusted closing prices on a weekly basis. If that is not sufficient, you can always calculate adjusted closing prices using this formula, however, you would need to know the dividend history of each stock. Those are also available from yahoo finance.

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