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Bond Price Dynamics I do not know the source of the bond dynamics you show above but seeing how we are dealing with an affine model there is a very elegant way to derive those. Due to the model being affine the bond price is given by $$P(t,T)=A(t,T)e^{-r(t)B(t,T)}$$ you can find the exact formulas for $A(t,T)$ and $B(t,T)$ in this document (or just read ...


For the sake of completeness: Taking pbr142's comment into account and working in the setting you described. Set $f(C,y)=Ce^{-y} + 2Ce^{-2y} + 3Ce^{-3*y} + 300e^{-3y}$. Write $B(C,y)$ instead of $B$. Applying the quotient rule to $\frac{\partial D(C,y)}{\partial C}$ with $D(C,y)=\frac{f(C,y)}{B(C,y)}$. This leads to the following expression ...

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