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Bernd Scherer has done exactly this test in his text "Portfolio Construction and Risk Budgeting 4th Edition". There is an SSRN paper by Scherer called "Resampled Efficiency and Portfolio Choice (2004)" you can take a look at as well. I would suggest you skip re-sampling (especially if you have a long-only portfolio) and take a look at Meucci's Robot ...


There is no way to calculate returns here. Let me stop you right there. You didn't open a brokerage account with zero dollars. The money you put-up for margin is your starting position. After a year of trading, you have a stopping position represented by a different amount of money in your account. The change from your starting position to your stopping ...


There is a great deal of misinformation and out-of-date information on this site. Many of the references in this discussion and elsewhere have serious research flaws. The Michaud efficient frontier was invented and patented by Robert Michaud and Richard Michaud, U.S. patent # 6,003,018. The alternatives discussed here are not patented nor in many cases ...


You are going to need to interpolate in some way shape or form.... Linear is the easiest and most basic, however it may not capture the curvature, you can use splines to better capture the curve. A nice guide to doing so is here: It's a guide to bootstrapping and it has all the components. http://www.business.mcmaster.ca/finance/deavesr/yieldcur.pdf


Answering my own question: All the indicated numbers as obtained from ICAP need to be divided by 100, as they are percentages The OptionletStripper1 takes an IborIndex, which should have a tenor equal to 1Y. I had set it to 6M, and that seemed to cause problems Ouch!


The formula seems to be correct. Negative interest rates are not impossible in these days. http://www.bloombergview.com/quicktake/negative-interest-rates Have you checked the algorithm with values that produce positive rates? And in what area lie the negative ones? In the case of negative interest rates the discount factors should be greater than one, of ...


I think that's it, you just strip your OIS rates while boostrapping. Most OIS Swap Rates are Bullet contract par swap rates, so you might want to obtaint the Zero Curve. If you were quoting Zero Swaps, you wouldn't need to.


Bootstrap is a very interesting method to obtain the variance of any estimator. This means you can rely on it to obtain de variance of your Sharpe ratio (SR), but what you try to do is to deduce something (the probability to be positive) from the distribution of it. From a methodological viewpoint, if you boostrap your SR a "standard" way (i.e. ...


Unfortunately, financial markets are not like physical measures, where you know the "true" value of a physical variable but you just access to it thanks to noised sensors. We do not know the "true" volatility, just because there is not such one value... In statistics you have two kinds of modelling procedures: the ones dedicated to estimate the unknown ...

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