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CMS adjustments in single curve context can be roughly explained if you consider a CMS swaplet by the fact that there is a single payment at the CMS rate at a single date and not on the whole strip of the underlying CMS tenor schedule. So if you are trying to hedge a CMS swaplet with the corresponding swap of CMS tenor length (with correct naïve nominal ...


Note that $$\frac{dQ_{T_p}}{dQ}|_{T_0} = \frac{P(T_0, T_p)}{P(0, T_p)}\frac{A(0, T_0, T_n)}{A(T_0, T_0, T_n)}$$. Then $$E^{Q_{T_p}}\big(S(T_0, T_n)\big) = E^Q\bigg(S(T_0, T_n) \frac{P(T_0, T_p)}{P(0, T_p)}\frac{A(0, T_0, T_n)}{A(T_0, T_0, T_n)}\bigg) \\ = \frac{A(0, T_0, T_n)}{P(0, T_p)} E^Q\bigg(S(T_0, T_n) \frac{P(T_0, T_p)}{A(T_0, T_0, T_n)}\bigg).$$ That ...


A good place to start is Hagan's paper Convexity Conundrum ...available on the web.

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