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Here is a working paper that you may be interested in.


Do you refer with 'negative tail dependence' to the case that one variable has a extremely low value and the other random variable has an extremely large value, i.e., $$\tau=\lim_{p \rightarrow 0} \frac{Pr[x>Q_x(1-p),y<Q_y(p)]}{p},$$ where $Q_x(1-p)$ and $Q_y(p)$ refer to the $(1-p)$-th quantile of the random variable $x$ and the $p$-th quantile of ...


The answer of user27915816 led me into the right direction, yet I think I found an even better generalization: Distance Correlation (dCor) There are several reasons for that: It generalizes classical (i.e. linear) correlation in the sense that linearity is a special case. It gives identical readings for linear dependence. There are analogs for variance, ...


Mutual information measures how much knowing one variable reduces uncertainty about another variable. It considers any type of dependency (linear or non-linear), it's measured in bits, and it is widely used in machine learning, computer vision NLP and other fields.

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