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As you have guessed correctly, these type of questions can be answered using Ito's Lemma.We have: \begin{equation} d(M_t)= d(Z_t e^{\int_0^tF(Z_u)du})=d(Z_t) e^{\int_0^tF(Z_u)du}+Z_t d(e^{\int_0^tF(Z_u)du})+d(Z_t)d(e^{\int_0^tF(Z_u)du}) \end{equation} For the first two terms on R.H.S, we have: \begin{equation} d(Z_t) e^{\int_0^tF(Z_u)du} = (f(W_t)dW_t + ...


$F=0$ seems like a good choice.

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