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You get nothing, by this logic you could accumulate risk-free money all day by buying/selling on the ex-date as long as the dividend is larger than the spread.


You could compute index dividend yield from ATM options using linearized put-call parity (assuming index options are European.) The present value of the dividend payment is: $PV(div) = P - C + (S - K) + K(e^{rT} - 1)$ where $r$ is interest rate to the option expiration and $T$ is time to maturity in years. Then the implied dividend is: $d = ...


The SPX's price is a composite of all of its constituents' prices based upon the S&P 500's weightings. Dividends are accounted for by the index but not in the price, and nothing about their subsequent investment is assumed, nor does anyone who publishes the price portion report the dividend portion as far as I've seen, but there is an S&P 500 ...


Have you read Options, Futures and Other Derivatives by John Hull? I have the (ancient) 3rd edition and dividends are covered in section 11.12. (The latest edition is viciously expensive, but getting a used copy of one version back can halve the price.)

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