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Take logs of both sides, i.e. $$\log Y=\log A+ a \log K +(1-a)\log L$$ This gives: $$\Delta\log Y = \Delta\log A + a \Delta\log K +(1-a) \Delta\log L$$ Then use that $\frac{d}{dx}\log x= 1/x$, which yields $\Delta\log x=\Delta x/x$. Apply that to each log-diff above.


The systematic traders (aka "quants", "HFTs" or whatever you want) tend to be expertly efficient in evaluating trading strategies and market micro-structure. Therefore, reformulating your question "does IEX have "systematic traders that have been using the IEX platform consistently?". Only IEX can answer that one, but their CEO, Brad Katsuyama did say in a ...


IEX is an ATS. The ECN/ATS business is dominated by rampant and well known conflicts of interest. A part of the IEX value proposition from the beginning was to offer an alternative to traders who were disenfranchised by this market structure. If maker-taker rebates are part of your trading business model or if you engage in any strategy that could be deemed ...

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