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Both free and paid access to data sets conatianing company financial statement items is available from Quandl. The free data sets are sourced from the SEC based on compnay electronic filings and go back about five years. For example, you could obtain five years of MSFT's quarterly net income using the R call Quandl("RAYMOND/MSFT_NET_INCOME_Q") Lists of ...


$ \sigma S $ is in units of dollars per square root of a unit of time. $ \sigma $ is usually quoted as an annual or daily percentage. $ dX ^2 $ is in units of time, as $ E[(dX)^2] = dt $. Here is an online tutorial which you may find helpful. EDIT by kotozna: $\sigma$ has dimensions 1/(square root of time) and $dX$ has dimensions square root of time. ...


Quantopian provides both the fundamental data (from Morningstar), as well as the backtest platform to reproduce results from the books you mentioned. Here's the introduction to our fundamentals offering: https://www.quantopian.com/posts/fundamental-data-from-morningstar-now-available-for-backtesting (disclosure: I'm the ceo of quantopian)

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