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Whether or not it is flawed in practice depends on dynamic the risk exposures really are. Many factors or indices used for style analysis actually require dynamic trading to maintain - so you could potentially have a fund that trades a lot while still generating a return series that can be be modeled out of sample with static exposures. One relatively ...


Speaking from equity quant factor building experience, it is a common practice to build multi-factor models by regressing one component against other(s) and using the residual scores. This is done to avoid bias as you mentioned - these biases could be from the factor itself (in different regimes, Quality / Momentum influencing each other - or earnings, value ...


Pretty good explanation is in Schweser CFA Study Notes for CFA level III. Books 3 and 5, at least from 2009, if I remember right. See also Tsay R.S. Analysis of Financial Time Series (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics). // 2010. - good example with implementation in R.

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