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It is a very badly worded question in my humble opinion. There are three "prices" to contend with. (1) If you want to buy a stock and pay for it now, you pay the current stock price S. (2) If you want to buy a stock and not have to pay for it until a future delivery date T, then you enter into a "forward" or (in the United States) a "futures contract" ...


If you have a formula for options on stock, you can turn it into a formula for options on futures by using the relation $S=F e^{-(r-d)T}$. In other words you observe the price of the future F, you turn it into S by this relation and then you pass this pseudo stock price to the options on stock function or program that you have. When you do this to the Black-...


Some exchanges do provide their historic margin requirements. For CME: Caveat for above link is that this is the margin imposed by the exchange on their members. May or may not be the margin your broker imposes on your account. Hope this helps.

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