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Supply and demand... If you want an event that produce a change in the value of a currency, just look at the ruble. As Russia, gets more and more isolated and inflation spins out of control the ruble lose its value against other currencies.


You might over think it :-) Your account is in USD You buy for 300 EUR wheat and the price now is 320 EUR the EURUSD is 1.24688 (2. december 2014) at the time you buy the EURUSD is 1.24347 (now - 11. december 2014) 320 * 1.24347 - 300 * 1.24688 = 23.8464 USD profit


I think it will also depend on the amount of the orders you will entering. In FXInside it will also depend if you are just aggregating or using a HUB, and even if you use the HUB it will depend if you are enable to "make liquidity" otherwise you will be only sending an agressive watch order waiting a market move. I don't have any number to share with you, ...

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