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I'd just like to share that I work at Quandl and noticed this thread. We now have global fundamentals data that can be downloaded in various formats including CSV. Our Global Select Stock Fundamentals database can be found here: The database covers 75 harmonized financials, ratios and forecasts for 4500+ most liquid global ...


You can try for example it is free, for the other ones you mentioned you have to pay, usually a lot.


try type "GOOG US FLDS" and hit then enter query: DY895 custom formula HELP HELP


There's a very simple explanation. The NYSE trading floor only deals in NYSE-listed stocks. NYSE have other venues (such as Arca) that allow you to trade listings from other exchanges. The following site has a very good summary of "tape" versus the volume traded at each venue. Note that Tape B contains trades ...


You should use Adj close price Using Adj close price gives you the adjusted values of close price, hence the fair picture in case of off-beat events like splits and dividends. Using close price instead of adj close price provides unrealistic and false values of metrics like returns, which could generate false signals in your ML model.

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