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Unless the counterparty specifically bought the swap, then at inception the swap had a 0 value, i.e. the spread is that value which equates the two legs. Of course, it's usually bumped up (bank receiving) or down (bank paying) as the trader's profit.


Obviously a perfect forecast for interest rates is a bit hard to come by, such a thing would make the inventor quite a tidy sum. Broadly, the task you're seeking to accomplish falls under the banner of yield curve modeling, and there is a very substantial body of research in this area, including several good books. There are some canonical examples of ...


AUD LIBOR is no longer quoted. See list of fixes: https://www.theice.com/iba/libor AUD BBSW is quoted by prime AU banks and is based on the price of a discounted security while what was formerly the BBA AUD LIBOR was based on quotes by a different (but overlapping) set of rate contributors on a theoretical loan/depo.

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