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Actually, it is depends where you want to trade and it is part of trading workflow of concrete counterparty. FIX protocol definition itself does not force you to subscribe on anything. Some brokerages forced you to subscribe on market data streams prior placing any trades. Last one we discovered - FXDD.


Liquidity traders have no discretion with regard to the timing of their trades. Their trades are triggered by exogenous (to the financial market) reasons and are not related to information. Then we can not guess/forecast their trades and that's why we can consider the quantity (not the price) they ask/offer as random variables. An academic definition : ...


No. It is not a requirement to initiate new orders with active "order-session" only. When trading FX you want to try and minimize over-all processing time/latency whenever possible. This will increase your profits and consistency. Yes. It is always possible to log in to the quote-session and use the quote-flow from another application to maintain ...

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