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You can view the price of an option as the cost to dynamically replicate it. The more volatility, the more costs you will have trading the underlying to keep your delta equal to 0 (I'm assuming you sold the option, hence a negative gamma position). So, if at any spot, any date your local vol is above 0.194, rebalancing the portfolio will be constantly more ...


Dupire model is just one way of generating a local volatility surface from an implied volatility surface. There are many other ways to generate a local volatility surface. One critical aspect of Dupire model is that the input implied volatility (IV) surface should be arbitrage free. If not, you will negative instantaneous variance when generating the local ...


No, if you are referring to the famous Dupire Model (there are others), then they are the same. It is usually referred to as the Local Volatility Model and the Dupire Equation. I would disentagle those with the concept of Local Volatility, which is model independent and a fairly deep result.


There is no difference in information, though the fitting algorithm may increase in complexity. First note that in practice you never have an entire curve or surface of prices $C(K,T)$ of any kind of option. You only have a finite number of observations and even those typically have a bid and an offer. I would therefore argue that the correct picture of ...

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