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You ask 2 questions and I try to answer: 1) Why do we use geometric Brownian motion ($\ln S_t-\ln S_0$ is normally distributed)? In this case you have $$ S_t = S_0 \exp( (\mu-\sigma^2/2) t + \sigma B_t), $$ which means that you model positive prices. Furthermore the log-return $$ \ln(S_t/S_0) = (\mu-\sigma^2/2) t + \sigma B_t, $$ is normally distributed. ...


You know that Brownian motion {W(t)} is a stochastic process with the following properties: (Independence of increments) W(t) − W(s) , for t > s , is independent of the past, that is, of W(u) , 0 ≤ u ≤ s, or of $F_s$ , the σ-field generated by W(u), u ≤ s. (Normal increments) W(t) − W(s) has Normal distribution with mean 0 and variance t − s. This implies ...

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