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Each shop will differ - there is no widely used, unified framework shared across firms. Competitive advantages vary across shops, which ultimately reflect the biases/characteristics of the particular shop. Some will be far more mathematically sophisticated/inclined than others. Some maintain strong aversion to quantiative techniques such as risk models. ...


That's the problem with China. The official data is nonsense, and the estimates of outsiders can change without warning. Here are some links: China Official Stats 1 China Official Stats 2 China Official Stats 3 More China Stats OECD CIA World Bank 1 World Bank 2 IMF CMF Changing Stats 1 Changing Stats 2 Changing Stats 3 - Copper Changing ...


Assuming you are at a decent university, you are better off seeing if you can get this data from Bloomberg or from a university subscription to Compustat.


There are many different options. The Fed has a Senior Loan office survey of whether credit conditions have tightened or loosened. Macroeconomic forecasters often use this as part of U.S. GDP forecasting models. Other market-based variables, such as VIX and the spread between various bonds, to get a sense of financial conditions. There are also some ...

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