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There are different methodologies to detect a change in the market efficiency, both in the market and firm-specific cases. In the FIRM-SPECIFIC case, the most common procedure is the event study methodology; you can find how to construct an event-study case explained in Kothari & Warner (2006), who collected all the event study methodology implemented ...


Quote: Starting in 2003, the NYSE started disseminating automatically, with a software called autoquote, any change in the best quotes in its listed stocks. Before that specialists had to update manually new inside quotes in the LOB. This implementation considerably accelerated the speed at which algorithmic traders receive information Endquote Source: ...


You have started a huge job, an enormous number of anomalies have been reported. The web site quantpedia.com has a list, here for example is their writeup on momentum effect in stocks


The best overview I have seen so far is this paper which lists 214 (!) factors (or anomalies if you like) on over one hundred (!) pages: …and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns by Harvey, C. et al., Feb. 2015: Abstract: Hundreds of papers and hundreds of factors attempt to explain the cross-section of expected returns. Given this extensive ...

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