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If I am not mistaken, the Feynman-Kac formula is related to the Kolmogorov's backward equation, so I would expect it to be available only for Markov processes. Diffusions are usually of Markovian type, in contrast to general Ito processes or more to say, general semimartinagales. Intuitively, the PDE/PIDE/... will describe the dynamics of ...


A martingale must have constant expectation, such that adding a deterministic finite variation process $(b-r)dt$ would break the martingale property (except for when its a constant, which it is not by multiplication with $dt$). Hence the finite variation process must be eliminated under $Q$ for LRS to be an (equivalent) martingale measure, and as shown the ...


I saw a quote from Brigo & Mercurio "IR models" (page 26, 2.1 No-Arbitrage in Continuous Time) . May be it will help you to find answer: Harrison and Pliska (1983) proved the following fundamental result. A financial market is (arbitrage free and) complete if and only if there exists a unique equivalent martingale measure.

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