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Just keep in mind that Gaussian marginals with Gaussian copula is nothing more than the multivariate Gaussian distribution (details e.g. here). For t-marginals with t-copula (with the same degree of freedom) you get the multivariate t-distribution. Both multivariate distributions are characterized by their covariance matrix. The t-distribution has the ...


You can express the Normal distribution by Sklar's Theorem in terms of Gaussian Marginals and Gaussian Copula as follows: $$F(x_1,...,x_n)=C(F(x_1),...,F(x_n))=C^{Gau}(N(x_1),...,N(x_n))$$ So the distribution equals the copula function with the respective inverse marginals as arguments. You can aswell combine any types of Copula and (continuous) different ...

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