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Mean reversion speed $\kappa$ is better interpreted with the concept of half-life, which can be calculated from $\text{HL} = \ln(2) / \kappa$. For example, if the mean reversion coefficient is $\kappa = 1.5$, then the half-life of the process is $\ln(2) / 1.5 = 0.46209812$ years, or about 6 months. Let's assume that the current interest rate is 1% and the ...


In the Mean-Reverting Models like C.I.R \begin{align} &dr_t=\kappa(\theta-r_t)dt+\sigma\sqrt {r_t} dW_t \end{align} speed of mean reversion ($\kappa$) is not negative.If the condition $2\kappa\theta> \sigma^2$ holds, then the drift is sufficiently large for the process to be guaranteed positive and not reach zero. This condition is known as the Feller ...

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