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What you are looking for is generally called "machine-readable news". Here are the ones I know about off hand: Dow Jones Elementized News Feed Thompson Reuters News Feed Direct Bloomberg Event-Driven Trading Feed NASDAQ OMX Event-Driven Analytics Good luck getting reliable latency figures from any of those vendors though.


Concur with Thomas for most part, though I would recommend you to sign up for a trial with Dow Jones Newswire. I like the API and app that Newsware ( http://www.newsware.com/) makes available. It is not suitable for hft but I use it in order to stay informed and look up often used mnemonics. I think they have a pretty capable API and I remember they offer ...


It would be relatively trivial to implement a web scraper for any website you were interested in gathering news from - see Beautiful Soup for Python. This would allow you to gather and analyse news data from multiple sources in a way that may be more robust than relying on a single service. For example, you could screen scrape a certain website for the news ...


News is not free, and hence you won't find a company offering machine readable news services for free. My best suggestion is to ask a machine readable news company for a day's worth of historical data. Even that might not work, however, as they won't waste their time if they don't think you're going to buy their service.


I believe historical Reuters data can be downloaded online. Search for Reuters Key Developments Corpus. The author of this paper (http://people.csail.mit.edu/azar/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/thesis.pdf) used data like this.

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