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Position here is the residual amount of one or other currency at the end: You gave us: Time | Amount | Rate | t1 100 1.2636 t2 -1000 1.2599 t3 200 1.1612 Assuming the Amount is amount paid in USD, and the rate is EUR/USD: Time | Amount | Rate | EUR balance | USD balance t0 0 0 t1 ...


What are you saying is not completely correct. What kelly criterion maximizes is the average growth of the capital invested. In fact, if I want to invest a fraction $f$ of my 1000 units the amount that I will have after $M$ trades will be $1000\Pi_{i=1}^{M} (1+f\phi_i)$ What we need to maximize is expected long-term growth rate. Growth rate is given by ...

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