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The answer to your question depends on the type of equilibrium. In a perfect information rational expectations equilibrium with preferences that assume that agents always prefer more money to less, the equilibrium is efficient with respect to the information. If you introduce biases in preferences or different information sets (differing ability to interpret ...


Read paper written by Malkiel, "The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Its Critics". It is wonderful paper on EMH. http://eml.berkeley.edu/~craine/EconH195/Fall_14/webpage/Malkiel_Efficient%20Mkts.pdf It will help you to gain conceptual clarity in EMH.


Market is efficient when all available public information gets priced-in relatively fast by market participants. This yields the fair price. Efficiency depends on the speed of the information dissemination. Equilibrium is a balance between supply and demand, which can be skewed by short term liquidity issues. So market can be efficient and not in equilibrium ...

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