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You are generating a price series, in time steps $p_{dt},p_{2dt},p_{3dt},...$. I assume? So if you do $\text{Median}\{p_{dt},p_{2dt},p_{3dt},..\}$ then you will get a value biased towards $0$ (for the parameters you gave, and the sample size you have). If you want to look at the distributional characteristics of the price, then you have to do so per each ...


Look at QuantLib . Introductory slides are available at http://quantlib.org/slides/dima-ql-intro-1.pdf and http://quantlib.org/slides/dima-ql-intro-2.pdf .


JFreeeChart provides a TimeSeries data structures with some basic functionality but not a lot of analytics. I have started writing my own and I may open source it if there is sufficient interest. Moving averages, deviations, correlations, returns and most of the easy stuff are already implemented, but I think it needs a few more interesting features before I ...


I am using NodeJS for a similar project. There's not a ton of packages on NPM for finance and stocks, so I wrote my own, that might help you get started: Fetching historical stock data, including intraday: https://www.npmjs.org/package/node-activetick Charting, analysing, forecasting the data: https://www.npmjs.org/package/timeseries-analysis You can ...

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