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you'd probably have to build a custom web scraper in python or sometihng....than parse it accordingly.


This book by Shumway and Stoffer (two Pitt Stats profs) is excellent IMO: Time Series Analysis and Its Applications: With R Examples (Springer Texts in Statistics): 9781441978646 http://www.amazon.com/Time-Series-Analysis-Its-Applications/dp/144197864X


After thinking about it a bit more I realized what the problem is. Y is generated with different increments than X, while I should use the same. I fixed this and know it is decreasing.


Axibase Time-Series Database is an HBase-based NoSQL time-series database. It has a community edition which is free. Time precision is milliseconds. Value is float, double or long. It supports OLCH period aggregators (first, min, last, max) as well as min_value_time and max_value_time aggregators: min_value_time Time when the minimum value (min) ...


The usual suspects maintain lists for each stock. Bloomberg for instance has OWN<GO> and HLDS<GO> but in those cases you need to iterate through each stock individually. These are done on a best efforts basis. I'm pretty sure this is a design choice to keep you using the terminal front end and not the api. Other than that, you are going to ...

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