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At this time, there's no specific documentation for QuantLib-Python, except for a series of screencasts that I started a while ago (you can find them on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu_PrO8j6XAvOAlZND9WUPwTHY_GYhJVr) but which is far from exhaustive; there's just a few of them for now, and there's no definite learning path. However, the ...


FRARateHelper takes a number of constructors. You should take a look at the ones that take Period. The definition for Period is: class Period { public: Period() : length_(0), units_(Days) {} Period(Integer n, TimeUnit units) : length_(n), units_(units) {} explicit Period(Frequency f); Integer length() const { return length_; } ...


The QuantLib you installed is just a C++ library. If you were on a Windows machine, you'd need the QuantLibXL addin to use it in Excel (http://quantlib.org/quantlibxl/). But on a Mac, you've no such luck. As far as I know, Excel for Mac only allows addins written in VBA, so QuantLibXL can't be built for it.

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