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+1 for "feeling like the data is out there to be parsed for free". lol If data is just for toys, do: http://www.dxfeed.com/historical-tick-data/ They offer (free) tick data for May 6 2010 (flash crash). Scrape google. This question: Free intra-day equity data source


You can try to scrape it from google finance for some US stocks in "real time", however there may be seconds of delay. Generally you need to pay exchanges an access fee for raw real time data, and they guard these feeds quite jealously.


Supply and demand... If you want an event that produce a change in the value of a currency, just look at the ruble. As Russia, gets more and more isolated and inflation spins out of control the ruble lose its value against other currencies.


I explored this further and following that the following works: require("RCurl") STOCKS <- paste("AAPL", "BIDU", "AMAZ", collapse=",") STRING <- paste0("http://finance.google.com/finance/info?client=ig&q=INDU,IXIC,DRRX,", paste0(STOCKS, collapse=",")) TEMP <- getURL(STRING) Then, one needs to do some editing (a combination of strsplit and ...


As you note, that yields open / high / low / close / volume. Is it also possible to obtain the most recent trade?


R is very useful for downloading data from Yahoo/Google . Here is an example for downloading from Google Finance : library(quantmod) getSymbols("DRRX;AAPL;AMZN", from="2014-01-01", to="2014-11-20", src='google') Just adjust the from and to dates as needed. This will download the OHLCV data from google finance to your R global environment.

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