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Speech recognition signal processing is complex and possibly similar to the complexity of financial markets. They are similar as per characterictics the non stationarity, noise types and other aspects such us the existence of a cepstrum etc conceptual frequency and the grammar to construct and articulate concepts is not evenly and randomly distributed; so ...


All terminologies are common knowledge. I do not think it is good idea to cite someone. It is like using word "equity" and looking for someone to cite. It doesn't make sense.


So two things a) they are commonly known. b) they are definitions. So if you define it yourself, theres no need to cite anyone. But if you lift the definition from somewhere verbatim, then you should cite that paper. I wouldnt look the wikipedia for the formal definitions, I'd try to find them in academic literature, think about the definition, see if you ...


Try to check academic papers at www.quantpedia.com. Guys there are reviewing a lot of papers. Those papers which are selected and inserted must be usable by practitioners in real world. This assure that you will read academic papers of higher quality.


Journals that have a wider audience tend to have better written papers, such as Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, or Journal of Financial Economics. Editors there try to ensure that papers are accessible to the wider less technical community. In terms of quant authors, my vote goes to Dilip Madan, especially his papers in these journals. I ...

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