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It depends the kind of information you look for. Questions and answer. This web site is really the best I know on quant finance. You can browse "tags" and go the the associated wiki pages to have summarized information. Wilmott Forum is not that bad; Nuclear Phynance is good too. Generic knowledge. It depends on what area on finance you are interested ...


Agree, a little broad topic. There are sites that use quant to pick stocks. fotatah.com is an example of site. It all depends on your goals (academic, trading, etc.)


Besides this site which in my opinion has a huge adventage on how the questions and answers are presented, two major players come to mind. The Wilmott Forum And the QuantNet-Community I would say QuantNet is more on the educational and job-search side. You will find a lot of resources with respect to interview question and acedemic master programms. ...

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