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What you're trying to do is express all your positions in terms of a risk currency. Then you can track your PnL in only one currency. You need to express all this in an Excel spread sheet and include some rates, a bit like the screenshot here.


A currency quote (EURUSD 1.1, for example) put into an equation with units is 1 EUR / 1 USD = 1.1 or 1 EUR = 1.1 USD. Units or volume of a currency pair is expressed in terms of the base currency (EUR in the example), which means bids are buying and asks are selling the base currency. I glanced a few examples and it looks like you're right, but here's one ...


For spot EURJPY with a USD risk currency, the EUR is expressed in USD using the EURUSD spot rate, say 1.1145 so your 100 USD means you can short 100 / 1.1145 = 89.7 EUR If you wanted to express the risk currency then you use the equivalent rate usually through the USD. In this case you would be buying EUR with your USD to then short EURJPY. So if you're ...


The size of your bet should be expressed in dollars as well. Most brokers allow to trade lots of at least $1000 at time, independently of which pair you're trading. Anyway I think that you should read your broker guideline in order to understand better what's happening.

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