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What you need is to identify the distribution of the asset price $S_T$, conditional on the information set $\mathcal{F}_{t}$ at time $t$, for $0\leq t < T$. Note that \begin{align*} S_T &= S_t \exp\bigg(\int_{t}^T \Big(r_s-\frac{\sigma_s^2}{2}\Big)ds + \int_t^T\sigma_s dW_s \bigg). \end{align*} Let \begin{align*} P(t, T) = \exp\bigg(-\int_t^T r_s ds ...


The logic from Bob Jansen is correct. The problem is abuse of ideas and notation the integral symbol from the deterministic world gets sloppily applied to random variables. Unlike normal $dt$, which is always positive, $dW_t$ can go 'backwards'. Thus increments of terms like $W_t dW_t$ have a first element that goes up and down with the second element ...

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