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Well, well ... First of all, i doubt people would think of hedge fund strategies in the way you are thinking. If I were to classify, the first order of a super high-level classification would be, for example, equity stock selection (e.g. say Apple vs Google, etc.), macro selection (e.g. currencies, commodities, country bets via stock indices, etc.), or ...


Apart from the usual risks measured by Greeks there's risk associated with volatility dynamics. Volatility surface moves with stock movement and is usually dependant on stock price level. This risk is usually modelled by extensions to volatility models that take underlying price into account or stochastic volatility models (e.g. SABR). The way to do ...


I live very close to their office on Long Island and went to Stony Brook University, where they hire from at times - and the only few couple of people I know that got hired there were pure genius. I really doubt they are a ponzi scheme! I drive by their gates every now and then, definitely secretive but totally legit in my books.


S&R levels can be obtained quite easily. However, you will not find this data in most references. Professional day traders use value areas from the previous day as well a forming value areas in the current session. There are several crucial levels gathered from the previous GLOBEX session. These can be derivied from any market. These support/resistance ...

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