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Assuming that we are talking about volatility as the standard deviation of uncorrelated random variables (in this case this would mean no autocorrelation) the variance is additive, which means that we get $\sqrt{.15^2+.2^2}=.25=25\%$. You can illustrate this result by simulation in R: > sd(rnorm(1e7,sd=.15)+rnorm(1e7,sd=.2)) [1] 0.2500001 If you want ...


"Burn rate" is a measure of "spend rate" relative to cash on hand. So if you have $10 million dollars, and you spend $1 million dollars a month, you will "burn through" your cash in ten months, at which time your company will either "take off," get new financing, or go under. Strategies that rely on "burn rate" are risky ones. Nevertheless, they are ...

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