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1) Spurious autocorrelation of non-synchronous trading data was analyzed in this article: http://www.amazon.com/An-econometric-analysis-nonsynchronous-trading/dp/1245789457 During some time intervals a lot of trades occur and during some nothing happens(so prices are stale). So serial correlation of traded prices may be present but this may be due to stale ...


Every match that hits the tape from the perspective of displayed ECNs is a market order matched with a limit order. You can think of this in terms of makers and takers. If I want to buy MSFT at 51.00 and post a limit for that price 3 microseconds before you post your limit to sell at 51.00 then I am the maker and you are the taker. And your sell order will ...


You'll want the ibrokers package, its very good and built on the c++ api. Also check out quantmod, performanceanalytics, quantstrat, and highfrequency package.

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