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Here is a collection of papers. The general idea is that the market has investor classes that share different expectations. When in bubble territory, many investors generally agree that assets are overpriced, but they still invest in expectation of more investors entering the market (the greater fools). There are also sophisticated investors who know assets ...


The opening and closing prices are set during an auction. If there are overnight news, then the opening auction will reflect information which wasn't there during the closing auction. And even without the auctions, the last traded price yesterday results from different orders than the first traded price today.


There is trading happening overnight. A nice paper is Dong Lou et. al: http://personal.lse.ac.uk/loud/OvernightMom.pdf They explain the overnight trading and actually document that most known anomalies occur on that period.


The way to do gradual position entry and exit is to use multiple trend following rules, each of which is responsible for managing a part of the available capital. Only if all the trading rules agree will 100% of the capital be deployed. As a simple example, suppose you have three rules. The first rule is based on 10 day momentum; this rule produces a score ...

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