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To me, coloring by data value is a great way to bring applications alive. If traditional ways are not enough, probably taking 3D in use would be a way: And of course 2D heatmap is a very handy for sure. I'm developing data visualization software components with 3D technologies, so definitely all feedback and ideas are welcome :-)


And then music... Victor Neiderhoffer, in a 2001 interview: The market plays music all the time. The problem is you never know how the music of the market is going to end. But a good framework is that it will end on the tonic. Consonance to dissonance back to consonance. And whenever there's tremendous dissonance, strident moves in one direction, a good ...


Let me give you the perfect solution. Use Python. The charting, graphing and analysis can be done using the PyLab environment. You can integrate the code into R using the package called rPython. You can integrate it to C and many other languages. Python also comes with infinite more features. So instead of looking for a particular library, use Python. ...

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