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Try to give David Spiegelhalter a read/listen to David Spiegelhalter's work and research. He is a statistician and a Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge England. Rather than new ways of calculating risk, he looks at ways of communicating risk to a general public that doesn't have any knowledge of stats. I Linked an interesting ...


I would recommend performing visualization intensive tasks and UIs on a separate front-end, given R and Matlab are not optimized to efficiently render charts and other visualizations. If you are able to run WPF/Silverlight apps on your machine I can highly recommend SciChart (http://www.scichart.com/). It fulfills all your stated requirements. The library ...


Great question, I love to visualize data! A visualization is really the most efficient way to display a large amount of information to be processed by the human brain IMO. Depending on what exactly you are trying to plot and visualize, I would suggest trying the javascript API for WebGL called Three.js. Examples of Three.js are here: ...


I would suggest you have a look at the waterfall chart: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterfall_chart


The work of the NYU V-Lab is interesting to me. They try to measure risk in the system as a whole "systemic risk", rather than risk in a single portfolio.

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