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The stock was split into two share classes, the series that you might be looking for is under the ticker GOOGL.


There is a major bug when you are getting information from exchanges outside USA. If you get the adjusted prices for BOVESPA (Brazilian Stock Exchange) for example, it will only consider the events that happened using the US Calendar and not the Brazilian calendar of working days, this leads to a lack of information on other exchanges. Be aware of this if ...


Yahoo data is good enough, but it has its quirks. As people have mentioned, sometimes it does miss out on corporate actions. I remember a while back I was looking at price for Ford (F) around 1999 , and computing my own adjusted close using yahoo's methodology and noticed that yahoo was missing a dividend payment in 1999(which I verified from bloomberg). ...


some links which might help you http://quant.caltech.edu/historical-stock-data.html In the quantmod R package ,the split information is in the "Dividend Only" CSV: http://ichart.finance.yahoo.com/x?s=IBM&a=00&b=2&c=1962&d=04&e=25&f=2011&g=v&y=0&z=30000

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