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You're not the first to trip on this, and unfortunately the fact that the provided example is from a different era doesn't help. Quite simply, you're not writing rates correctly. The 5-years swap rate, 0.3523%, must be written in decimal form as 0.003523. The same goes for the deposit rates. As your code is now, you're writing that the 4-years rate is ...


fixedLegBPS is the basis-point sensitivity of the fixed leg, that is, how much its NPV changes when the fixed rate changes by one basis point: it's calculated as the NPV corresponding to a fixed rate of 1 bps. Since the NPV of the fixed leg is linearly proportional to the fixed rate, you can write the equation targetNPV : fixedRate = BPS : 1 basis point ...


bootstrap fedfunds (ois ) swaps to get your discount curve (asuming your portfolio is usd, and is usd collateralised). strangely i dont see the data on the fed site. i see data on LCH's site: http://www.lchclearnet.com/asset-classes/otc-interest-rate-derivatives/volumes/settlement-prices-swapclear-global#usd to get libor projection curve, you need to ...


Instead of the constant maturity series (which IMO would give only a few points), you could use the prices of ZCB to get the USD curve. They are available here http://www.wsj.com/mdc/public/page/2_3020-tstrips.html It might require some slight smoothing to get a clean curve. This is the best way I know to get a US Govt curve for free.

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