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SSL isn't good enough. Your website can be hacked.
Help solve the problem by advocating these RFCs:

TLSA (formerly DANE for DNS) Fixes the hackable CA problem

TLS-OBC: Fixes TLS, and the Related Domain Cookie Attack

About me
I have no relation to the above sites; I am just an advocate

Why "makerofthings7"? It's a challenge to "make seven things in my life of significant quality and value". Who knows if those things will take the form of software, art, or people. (I'm not married, no kids yet)

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comment Using OpenCL video cards to offload Quant Finance calculations, what features should I look for?
@AlexeyKalmykov I've heard reports of some cards that are only parallel for addition, but block all streams when multiplying... throttling throughput
comment Modeling asset performance to Bitcoin revenue
@HighlyIrregular It's pretty easy to determine BTC for a given point in time, however I'm looking for historic data so I can model future performance. For example two major changes are coming: For starters payouts will decrease by 50% and secondly compute power/cost will soon become more efficient with Butterfly Labs ASIC technology. My goal is to model the impact of these changes