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high performance computing - bring use cases down to the cpu. or many of them. computer languages: c++, c#, python, r, domain specific languages, ooa, ood modeling and simulation: discrete event simulation. real time analysis design: user interface, data visualization, product design but also api design

comment Is there any thing out there as a substitute for KDB?
link fixed. thx for the heads up!
comment time in time series database - UTC or local
Thx, I conclude a general time series database should accept time series with either UTC or local timestamps and be able to hand out time series with UTC or local timestamps.
comment Is there any thing out there as a substitute for KDB?
Benchmarks about raw time series data access using TeaFiles are included in the C#/C++ sources, see teafiles.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Benchmarks. A benchmark against HDFS would first need to specify what to measure. TeaFiles perform 1:1 to raw data structs in files, as they are nothing else + allow memory mapping. This is hardly to beat at first. Read ahead, prefetching allow going beyond in some situations. HDFS would be a layer above raw file storage and we have it on our roadmap to take simple file persistence to the next level. For management not for performance reasons tough.
comment Is there any thing out there as a substitute for KDB?
thank you! by cross-sectional time series you mean the analysis of several series like computing an index or stat arb, right? about embedding - our code base would allow embed-able components. we thought already about offering that. i take your question as valuable input for our product road map. at the moment our visualization tools TeaHouse/TeaShell are windows / XAML. our persistence layer is cross OS/app and we plan visualization on html5 architecture for the future. our decisions will be customer driven, so your vote counts. we are thankful for any feedback and inside into your needs.