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Just an amateur and enthusiast. By day I play a mild-mannered financial professional in Japan. Here are a few of my side projects:

  • FinAnSu - An Excel add-in allowing the import of security quotes and web data in general, along with functions for option pricing, parsing CSVs, sorting data, interpolating rates, quicker access to accounting formats, etc.
  • Rupee - A financial library for Ruby
  • Konjac - A Ruby command line utility for translating documents using YAML dictionaries
  • Prisma Quotes - A Chrome extension to get live quotes and charts for stocks and securities from Bloomberg, Google, Yahoo! and Quote.com.
  • akamon-ec.org - The site for my club at University of Tokyo.
  • yaku - A reader for the excellent EDICT dictionary.
  • transcripa - Transcribe some languages into IPA.