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What topics can I ask about here?

The Quantitative Finance Stack Exchange is intended for professionals and academics involved in quant modeling or trading.

Basically, your question must be one that someone who is

  • earning a living at this, or
  • is studying this specifically in graduate school

would confront in the course of their job or studies.

Otherwise, your question will probably be off topic.

Good questions are focused on an actual problem you face in the course of your work as a quant or academic researcher. If you have a question about

  • securities valuation
  • risk modeling
  • market microstructure
  • portfolio management
  • financial engineering
  • econometrics

and not

then you're in the right place to ask your question.

Some questions that are better suited for our sister sites:

We can answer questions for software packages that are specific to quantitative finance, though bug reports and requests for support should be filed with the software vendor.

Please note, however, that cross-posting is not encouraged.