Does anyone know of a webpage (or webpages) of current delistings for NASDAQ & NYSE?


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Each listing exchange maintains lists of exchange-initiated and issuer-initiated delistings. Per the exchanges, an issue will appear on this list the first trading day after the issuer provides the venue with notification of its intent to voluntarily delist. An issue will also appear on this list if it has been suspended for failure to meet continued listing requirements or due to other events, such as expiration, redemption or acquisition.

Issues will remain on these lists until the first business day after the issue is delisted. An issue is generally delisted 10 calendar days from the date the Form 25, Notification of Removal from Listing and/or Registration, is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These forms can be viewed on the SEC site. This is an authoritative source for past delistings.

The lists of current delistings can be found on each listing exchanges' websites:

It is also worth keeping an eye on the non-compliant company list maintained by listing exchanges as these are likely to become delisted in the future unless they correct the particular deficiencies:


See link bellow for delisting:


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